Restoring History

We are a community of auto enthusiasts, restorers, historians and gearheads. Each week, we air a new episode of ShopTime™, our 30 minute restoration show about restoring antique, classic and vintage cars & equipment. Members can also watch a growing catalog of How-To videos with topics like repairing a jeep charging system, traditional bodywork and transmission repair.

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About Portrayal TV

We started to honor the past by restoring and preserving classic automobiles and firearms and the machines and tools used to create them. Our shows feature craftsmen doing and showing restoration work on everything from WW2 vehicles to classic firearms - mistakes and all.

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"Edutainment" - one part entertainment, one part education with a few non-sequiturs thrown in for good measure.

"How-To" videos - clear and concise explanations that will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to do the job right.

Learn and improve your skills. There is nothing like watching a craftsman a work to improve your skills - from timing a jeep engine to flattening a panel.

"You inspired me to disassemble my Ford for a clean up, new paint and transmission overhaul." Jim B

"Good mix of educational and entertainment with good editing and great music...Worth every penny". Pierre H

"Great metal work, you have a labor of love in your metallurgy.🤣 love the shoptime channel also, best subscription ever. learning a lot. keep em rolling!!!we even rewind to listen to the music again.😁" Tom & Laurie S

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