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We produce shows about preserving and restoring our mechanical history - jeeps to Garands. ShopTime™ is our weekly 30 minute show showing the restoration of iconic WW2 vehicles.

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About Portrayal TV

We celebrate man's obsession with machines. Our shows include ShopTime™ - weekly 30 minute episodes about restoring vintage equipment.

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"Edutainment" - one part entertainment, one part education with a few non-sequiturs thrown in for good measure.

"How-To" videos - clear and concise explanations that will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to do the job right.

Learn and improve your skills. There is nothing like watching a craftsman a work to improve your skills - from timing a jeep engine to flattening a panel.

"You inspired me to disassemble my Ford for a clean up, new paint and transmission overhaul." Jim B

"Good mix of educational and entertainment with good editing and great music...Worth every penny". Pierre H

"Great metal work, you have a labor of love in your metallurgy.🤣 love the shoptime channel also, best subscription ever. learning a lot. keep em rolling!!!we even rewind to listen to the music again.😁" Tom & Laurie S

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