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90% of All Projects Remain Unfinished while Our Subscribers are Driving in Parades and Winning Trophies!

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We launched Portrayal.tv to bring you world class restoration and educational content. No fake drama, no magic off camera - just folks solving problems on screen and making these amazing objects of history functional again.

"Outstanding work on that curved angle iron - you are quite the craftsman! I learned something there. Love the channel." - Pierre H

"Thank you for taking the time to create these videos. Your example has a positive influence on jeep restorers worldwide!" 

-Jim B

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Subscribe?

  • You will learn & laugh!

  • We will make you better.

  • Support our efforts to preserve history & craftsmanship

  • Content free of censorship (see firearms, unvarnished history, etc.)

Why Do I need to Enter a Credit Card for a Free Trial?

Honestly, the platform requires it. We promise you will not get charged unless you want to be.  Call us at 855-339-0382 if you do need help.

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