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Many gearheads don’t have time to sift through the overwhelming amount of information online to properly complete their restoration.

Are you struggling to

  • Find accurate and comprehensive guidance?

  • Muster the confidence to start your project?

  • Master the skills required for a top-notch restoration?

  • Manage with limited shop space or resources?

Restoring your machine shouldn’t be so hard.

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Patrick Tipton

I get it. It's tough to start a project when you're overwhelmed.

I know you aspire to be a craftsman, someone who takes pride in expertly restoring machines. To achieve this, you need clear, straightforward guidance through the intricate process of restoration. The problem is, the huge amount of information out there can make the journey seem daunting. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

That’s where I come in.

With over thirty years of hands-on experience and a unique blend of interdisciplinary expertise, my goal is to demystify the restoration process for enthusiasts like you. I believe that with the right guidance and support, every gearhead can turn complexity into mastery and uncertainty into confidence.

Here’s how my approach is unique:

  • Simplifying Complexity: I focus on breaking down complex tasks into manageable steps, making them easy to understand and execute, contrary to experts who often complicate things.

  • Transparent Process: I take you through every stage of restoration, including the 'rough-draft ugly' phases, offering clear explanations and step-by-step guidance to achieve polished results.

  • Nurturing Greatness: I strongly believe that everyone has hidden talents and abilities. My approach is all about bringing out your natural strengths, helping you become a skilled and confident craftsman.

Ready to embark on your restoration journey with confidence and clarity? Watch and episode, and let's turn your project into a story of transformation and success.

Patrick Tipton

Watch a free episode and see for yourself.

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“The knowledge I’ve gained far outweighs price of admission.”

Jeep restoration is unique and finding resources can be challenging and often frustrating. At times I felt alone, and struggled to make a repair. Portrayal videos make you feel like you’re right there in the garage with them getting your hands dirty. I can watch the video(s) while following them step by step at my own pace. Being able to take my GPW to shows and events is AWESOME! Teaching about its history and honoring those who have served gives me a deep personal pride.


Tom S


I had recently purchased a 1943 Ford GPW and I had never restored a vehicle before. I was excited but overwhelmed. 

Patrick's shows are loaded with great information and he has been very responsive to follow-up questions. With a project that will take me years to complete, Pat and his episodes are a great source to keep me motivated and moving forward. 


Steve P


I look forward to every video because there is always something that relates to a project I’m working on. From body and hammer work to welding, there is always advice and encouragement on giving something a try. Information on all systems of a military vehicle, engine, electrical, body or drivetrain. Outstanding guidance for anyone interested in the hobby of restoring military vehicles.


Nick H


Break free from the frustration of unfinished projects

Together, we can unlock your potential with exclusive access to "How-To's" and weekly shows giving you an insider's of how to "get it done".   This is your chance to master your skills and experience the deep satisfaction of being "that guy."

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